Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

April 24, 2015, by Jamie Buchanan

I’ve been on a shoe kick lately which is quite rare for me. I like to buy and shop for clothes and accessories but shoes are my downfall. I’m generally not excited about them and purchase maybe 1-2 pairs a year IF that! But lately I find myself shoe shopping for different styles, ideas and inspiration. Really the main styles I’m into are sneakers. Comfy, versatile sneakers. Thank goodness athletic apparel is in right now because I could wear the heck out of some sneakers. Slip-ons, canvas, leather and high-tops are on my radar. Now I’m not talking about the super sporty Nike’s you’d wear to work out or run in. I’m talking about the sneakers that can be paired with leggings, your favorite pair of denim or a sundress for easy comfort. Take your pick because there’s every print or color available. I can’t seem to makeup my mind on my absolutely favorite but I think I may have to go with the classic Ked’s or Converse. You can’t beat an old classic, am I right?



friday favorites

Loeffler Randall ‘Rio’ Sneaker :: Rag & Bone ‘Kent’ High-Top Perforated Sneaker :: Onitsuka Tiger ‘Serrano’ Sneaker :: Geox ‘Shahira 6′ Sneaker :: Keds by Taylor Swift ‘Champion’ Eyelet Sneaker :: Joie ‘Kidmore’ Canvas Slip-On :: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Flower Print High-Top Sneaker :: Via Spiga ‘Gingi’ Leather Slip-On :: Kate Spade New York ‘Sidney’ Leather Sneaker :: Ted Baker London ‘Keziah’ Metallic Sneaker 


Shrimp and Avocado Spring Rolls

April 23, 2015, by Jamie Buchanan

shrimp and avocado spring rolls

We’re taking it to a whole new level with the recipe this week. This recipe requires a bit of patience but is worth the extra work. The key to perfecting the perfect spring roll is practice, practice and more practice. Taking a tip from your local Chipotle burrito master can get you ahead of the curve here. It’s the same type of motion and idea.

This time of the year I crave fresh ingredients and light meals. I will skip the heavy loaded meals for something light and fresh. This is likely why I love salads so much. Spring rolls are a great recipe for these moments because you can make them with ANYTHING you desire and you won’t feel guilty over it. And you’re tummy will thank you after.

You’ll Need:

  • Spring roll wrappers
  • 1 head of red cabbage, shredded
  • 2 carrots, peeled and julienned
  • 1 cucumber, julienned
  • 1 bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil
  • Shrimp – if you opt for large, make sure to slice them in half. I prefer the small and layer a small handful into each wrap
  • 1 large avocado, sliced

Set up your assembly line as follows: large bowl with warm water, veggies, parchment paper, plate. Start by soaking one spring roll wrapper at a time until it softens. Don’t let it soak for too long or it will be mushy and too sticky. Take your softened wrapper and place on the parchment paper. Start loading up your wrapper with the veggies and shrimp. Take it from me, you should take the time to julienne your veggies. It can make a difference. Make sure not to add too much and leave about 1″, at least, around the circumference. I like to fill in the center, and others prefer placing the veg and shrimp on one end and rolling starting from that point. There’s really no right or wrong here. When you’re done filling, it’s time to roll. Fold in both sides and roll from left to right, or top to bottom depending on how you have it layed out on the counter.

Serve along side some soy sauce, sriracha, sweet pepper sauce or spring roll sauce to complete the dish.


Beauty Basics

Beauty Basics – Winter to Spring Makeup Transition

April 22, 2015, by Jamie Buchanan

By now I hope you all are experiencing warmer weather and spring flowers. Spring is the time for fresh new looks and a sense of renewal. You have the ability to recreate yourself once you unthaw from the harsh winter. It’s time to start thinking about the makeup transition from Winter to Spring. It’s not just about switching products but changing up your colors as well. For Spring think of all things delicate and sheer. Soft washes of color on your eyes, cheeks and lips will give you the perfect Spring fresh look we all want to achieve. Let’s break down the different products you need to add to your makeup bag.

Eye color is my favorite thing to play around with in this new season. There is an overabundance of eye palettes out right now that you can try and play with. Put away the smokey eye and dark wine colors. Invest in some nudes, pastels and make sure some shimmer is included. The best go to is the Urban Decay NAKED Palette because it’s seasonally appropriate all year round. But don’t settle because there are plenty of other palettes you can mix and match your look with.

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Month Ten

April 21, 2015, by Jamie Buchanan

month ten
Ava –

Someone pinch me…quick! There is no way we are at the ten month mark. I cried the other day thinking of how old you are and wondering where all this precious time went. I found myself reminiscing a lot this past month. Remember when you were so little and would sleep on my chest for hours at a time? Now I can hardly keep you still before you want to roll off to your next adventure. Remember when you would sleep in my arms during a 2am feeding? Now you want your bottle, to hold it yourself and not be near anyone while you sleep. You’ve changed so much baby girl and I cherish the moments when you do want to snuggle with me.

This past month you experienced your first long weekend with your daddy. He went to NYC for work and we face timed with him, A LOT! I don’t think you missed on beat with him being gone. When he got back it was like he was never gone. But trust me when I say it was really hard on him to leave you for 2 days. The ost we’ve been apart has been one sleep over while you’re with Nana/Papa or Gigi/Poppa. Otherwise you’re within feet of us.

You’re still not crawling but you’re up on all fours, rocking back and forth contemplating the thought of crawling. Instead you’d rather roll or stand up with our help. I’m starting to think you’re going to be a walker instead of a crawler. You can pretty much do whatever you want to do. You have learned to “clap, clap” give out “high-fives!” and say “da-da”. Yeah his ego is pretty big right about now but you’re a daddy’s girl so it’s no wonder you want to say “da-da” first. You also like to sit in the window with the cat and make sounds at the birds outside. It’s almost like you’re  mimicking their chirps.

I hope you stay as happy as you are in these moments, forever. Nothing gets you done. Nothing stops you. We love you with all our hearts. Forever.

Love you always,

Momma and Daddy

month ten

How She'd Wear It

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – White Trousers

April 21, 2015, by Jamie Buchanan

The idea of white trousers probably scares you even more than last week’s white denim. At least white denim is casual, so it feels like less big of a deal if you get them dirty, right? White trousers though, you’re wearing those to events that might actually matter, a garden party, a graduation, maybe even work. So yeah there is some risk wearing white trousers but they can make for some seriously chic outfits. Our first outfit is just a classy combo of pieces that is perfect day-date, while the second outfit is super chic but laid back and ready to party. White is by definition versatile, but as these looks illustrate, you can easily dress up or dress down white trousers, so the key here is the fit, the fabric and the accessories.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – White Trousers

1. Wildfox Fontaine Sunglasses

2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Fringe Cross Body Bag

3. BaubleBar Vertical Fang Ear Jackets

4. H&M Suit Trousers

5. TOPSHOP High Neck Crochet Top

6. Margaret Elizabeth Diamond 2 Stone Bangle

7. Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle

8. Margaret Elizabeth Emerald 2 Stone Bangle

9. Zara Double Strap Heeled Sandals

More white lace. It’s just so hot right now, you might as well wear as much of it as you can. This look works for both day and night, taking dressy suit trousers and making them work for a daytime event. The fringe bag is a little casual but fun, and the sandals are simply bangin’. The key to this look though are the cool-toned bangles and glam shades. It could be 100 degrees in the shade but with these sea-colored pieces you’ll look as cool as a cucumber.

How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – White Trousers

1. Zara Crop Top

2. J.Crew Collection Featherweight Cashmere Waffle Cardigan

3. ASOS Round Sunglasses With Metal Bridge High Bar & Flash Lens

4. Zara High Waist Loose Trousers

5. BaubleBar Mini Horn Studs Earring

6. BaubleBar Festival Tassel Bracelet Multi

7. Star Mela Selma Pouchette Bag

8. Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ Soft Footbed Suede Sandal

The Birkenstock is so popular right now that you should probably just embrace this hippie style. And it just makes sense to pair some laid back crunchy granola style with an all white outfit complete with loose trousers and a crop top. It’s the ultimate vacation look. And you won’t be overly casual, so you can feel free to take this from a day of shopping to a night of outdoor dining. I love that from the crop top to the sunglasses this is definitely a modern look, though a little off-beat and funky.

– Julia of  Style and Cheek

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