Packing For A Baby

May 29, 2015
packing for a baby

Vacation is upon us. T-minus 1 week and we will be beach bound with a baby in tow. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t organized and saving everything until the last day. Because honestly I have been preparing, prepping, buying and stashing away things for a solid month for this trip. My ‘Packing for Mexico‘ post is still one of the biggest hits to this day. I guess there’s something about organized chaos and minimalistic packing that helps everyone. I’m using the same approach for myself on this trip but for the baby…well she has her own set of rules. This guide will help if you’re planning on travelling for a week, a weekend or just an overnight trip to visit the family. Babies are sensitive creatures to recreating the comforts of their home while you’re away is going to be the most difficult transition. Packing for a baby isn’t easy and I think I’m more terrified for how she will sleep (if she does!) and how she will adapt to the weather. Because of that I will pack enough without the airlines thinking I’m a nut job for bringing too many suitcases for 2…


Chocolate Peanut Butter Quinoa Bars

May 28, 2015
chocolate peanut butter quinoa bars

Sometimes I stumble upon a creation that I cross my fingers and hope my husband will love. Quinoa is on the border of never being used in our home because my husband hates the mess it creates and isn’t fond of anything I’ve made with it. But seriously, those little quinoa seeds get everywhere all the time! I was craving something chocolatey this past week and I used my quick thinking to throw something together. My inspiration started from this Tone It Up recipe post  on quinoa and I soon adapted it to fit what I had on hand. I didn’t have quinoa crisps, but I was determined to make it work. And since Adam isn’t a dark chocolate fan we opted for milk chocolate instead. This is a super simple, throw together type of dessert as long as you have quinoa on hand. Everything else can be customized to your liking. You’ll Need: 2 cups quinoa cooked, strained and dried 1/2 cup chunky natural peanut butter, or creamy 1/4 cup honey salt 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips If you don’t have quinoa crisps, like the original recipe called for, you can make your own. Make sure to cook your quinoa…


Beauty Basics – The Edit

May 27, 2015
beauty basics - the edit

May has been an energizing month full of inspiration.  I found myself being more beauty obsessed this month and chatting with lady friends about new products, new must haves and new applications. The best beauty advice you can get is from the ladies in your life. I’ve splurged a bit and obsessed over the necessary. And by necessary I mean lip balms and mascaras. I’m already excited for what June and July have to offer because products and beauty buzz is only going to get better. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and focus on this past month.   I’m always intrigued by the way different cultures obsess over beauty. Koreans are on point and know what they are doing. There are a handful of Korean beauty products the pros can’t live without. Gold Royal Jelly is one that seems a bit odd and you may not consider it…until now. Improve your skin’s elasticity with this tiny little jar. via Refinery29 Working out is hard enough. Trying to master looking pretty at the same time is not something I’ve ever thought twice about. Until now. Mane Addicts has been my new go-to hair blog to get my weekly dose of…


How She’d Wear It with Style and Cheek – Palm Prints on Vacation

May 26, 2015
how she'd wear it with style and cheek - palm prints on vacation

I’ve never been so sad to end a month. I could talk about palm prints forever because they’re cute and fun and well just make me happy. But with May ending, we now have to take what we’ve learned and apply it to daily life. Luckily palm prints aren’t going away anytime soon. I went to the mall this weekend and was pleased to see a ton of wonderful palm print pieces at varying price points. If you’re a fan of this trend now is certainly the time to find something that fits your wardrobe. Hopefully the past month has not only shown you where to find these prints, but how to incorporate them into your summer style. I’ve talked a lot about wearing Palm prints in the “real world” or outside of vacation settings, but for the last week of May I thought I’d indulge in the vacay vibe. There are just too many adorable swimsuits with palm prints. So here’s the plan, get yourself a palm print suit – banana palm, palm leaf, or any tropical suit of your choice and get ready to mix and match on top. Color is the name of the game so pack on the pinks, greens, oranges, purples. Get yourself a cute summer…


Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

May 22, 2015
nordstrom half yearly sale

There’s nothing more that I love than a good sale. Well, besides my baby and family of course. But sales are what keep me interested in what’s out there, what I need to update my closet on and keep my husband nagging me about the mysterious boxes and packages that arrive to our doorstep. One sales I look forward to is the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. When you’re a hunter for a great deal, this is the sale for you. Up to 40% off most items gives you the satisfaction of walking away with this Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote for quite the bargain. Keeping in the spirit of Friday Favorites I wanted to put together my top picks for men, women and baby from this half yearly sale. I need Adam to take away my credit card because the amount of deals I’m finding in the baby section is killing me. Ava needs all the things, right? Like the Freshly Picked Moccasins which I’ve been eyeing for her for months. And I guess while I’m at it I should shop for my husband too, right? Grab up some of these great deals before it’s too good to be true…


Month Eleven

May 21, 2015
month eleven

Ava – I secretly cried the other day knowing you were turning 11 months old this week. I can’t handle all of your changes and how fast the time flew by and where we are at in life. I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day with you in my life and it was such an amazing and incredible feeling. You have changed not only my life, and your daddy’s life, but everyone around you as well. The amount of love and happiness you radiate is energizing. This past month you learned to crawl. YOU ARE CRAWLING! You finally gave in to our temptations and constant nagging to get you to crawl. It’s comical at best, to watch you crawl and chase after things. Mainly cat food, your daddy’s slippers and the occasional toy left behind. Since your 10 month mark we have caught you sitting up on your knees in your crib trying to pull yourself up. We’ve had to lower the bed twice since April just to make sure you don’t hop out of the crib one night. Soon you’ll be walking and running loose. Your teeth are coming in and while it’s been stressful and hard on all…