Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday and I for one couldn’t be happier. I’m ready to unwind and not think about work for at least two days.  Let’s just get into the fun portion of this post… Favorite New Blog/Tumblr reasonsmysoniscrying This tumblr is genius! Of all the times kids cry it really is over silly things. Another […]

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

We live in a very modest one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. Tipping the scales at just 783 square feet, we have had to adjust with most of the “basics” and to get creative. We don’t have too much storage so we rely on our generous parents to help store some of the holiday decorations and out […]

Life With the Lady

Does anyone else dread Mondays? That question was slightly rhetorical as I feel EVERY dislikes MONDAYS. The weekend is over, your back on the work grind and having to take a peep of the sunny weather through a crack in the work window blinds. I am constantly brainstorming ideas for the blog and always feeling […]

Stalk Us

When I made changes to the blog, I never really pointed out the different ways to find, follow and stalk us out. Maybe you’re clever and stalk our page enough and figured out where and what we are up to. For a little slice of our life we are in many different locations on the […]

Friday Favorites

High Five! And Happy Friday! The time is finally here for our engagement photos this weekend, and I think I have been dreaming about them all week long. I will be sure to share the highlights of our session on Monday, and pictures as soon as we get them back. On to the good stuff […]