The Lady and The Beard

The Proposal

It was a typical Wednesday not and I (Jamie) wasn’t expecting anything. We had talked many times before about getting married one day, and I knew the time was coming. I just didn’t know that this would be the night.

Earlier in the week Adam asked if I wanted to have a “date night” that Wednesday and maybe we could go to Senate. Of course I wasn’t about to turn down hot dogs and a date night! With his schedule he was off that day and I would just meet him after work. I found it odd that he wanted to drive separately but knew it would be the easiest with my late work schedule.

Immediately after leaving work I called to let him know I was on my way down. Being a fearful parallel parker (I’d rather valet or park in a lot) he suggested meeting over at Washington Park…it was where he parked and that street parking was limited on Vine Street. Of course I’ll park in a lot! We talked the entire duration of my drive from work to Washington Park. True to form, I was too busy talking about my days events, work stories, and everything else that happened to pay attention. And just like he always does, Adam started handing me the contents of his pockets to hold in my purse.

At this moment we were walking through the park, I was closing up my bag when I looked up and saw this look in his eyes. I swear to you, I blacked out in that moment and all I heard was “I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…(pause for getting on one knee)…will you marry me?” When I came to I had to ask him to make sure I said yes. I threw in a few more just in case.

I think shock took over for both of us as I started saying “Is this real life? Is this really real life?!”, and Adam not saying a word but just stood there with a huge grin on his face. I immediately called me mom, sobbing into the phone, and I’m sure in that initial moment she thought we broke up, until I said he asked me to marry him.

After calling our friends, we made our way to dinner. Through all the chaos we still wanted to have dinner! The kind people at the restaurant knew all about it and had a table saved for our arrival. Champagne toasts and more phone calls later, we had the best night of our lives.
The moment was so wonderful. Washington Park is something we both loved (prior to the engagement) and Senate is where we had our first official date. Nothing like bringing it full circle to make it that much more amazing.