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How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are a valuable weapon to “captivate” the opposite sex for females. There is no woman with bad lips; the only thing is that woman does not know the secret to lip care, how to make older lips look younger.
The lips of women in the age of 40s start reducing puffiness and become less elastic than the age of 30. The lip edges started becoming darker, and there are more lip grooves. The lips of women in the 40s get thinner and have no longer elasticity like when they were young. The absorption of nutrients of special lip products also gets worse.

How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

Detailed instructions on how to choose lipstick for the 40s

Women of this age tend to be “lazy” to use various snobbish things. One of the secrets to choosing the best lipstick for over 40 is to use lipstick with rich lip balm. Liquid lipsticks are no longer suitable, so you should choose solid lipsticks. A little lip gloss in the middle of the lips will create a more plump effect.

The most suitable color for this age may bring a more youthful tone to “cheat” age. Colors such as nude pink, earthy orange, and soft red will help ladies reduce their age. The skin areas at the corners of the mouth may have some crow’s feet, remember to moisturize the skin thoroughly.

Under 40, women also limit the dark makeup as it makes you look older. Simple eyes with just thin eyeliner, mascara, a bit of gentle pink blush will make you look younger.

Take care of lips every day helps lips look younger!

The factors from the outside environment, such as ultraviolet rays, climate, smoke, dust, and winddamaged lips. They create horny layers on the skin that make the lips become dry, even bleeding. Frequent use of lipstick without taking care of the lips properly is also a cause of wrinkled and dark lips. If you want to preserve this precious jewelry of face, keep in mind the tips below!

How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

Makeup off lips

The lipstick is like a magic stick, and it has the ability to transform a pale face to be a fresh look. However, if you do not remove these beautiful, vibrant lipsticks after a period of time, it will lead to dark, uneven, or cracked lips.

Many people think that just washing lips with water is enough. In fact, lipstick particles, bacteria, dust, and smoke that can’t be seen by the naked eye still remain on the lips. Whether you’re using expensive or natural lip balms, makeup remover is an indispensable basic step.

Another mistake in lip care that girls often make is to use a facial cleanser to remove eye and lip makeup. The lip skin and the skin around the eyes are delicate, which requires you to use a special makeup remover. Ladies, don’t feel afraid to invest in your radiant appearance.

Exfoliate lips

Like facial skin, the lips also regenerate every day. We need to exfoliate lips periodically so that the lips are not rough and cracked. The removal of dead skin flakes that build upon the lips also helps this area become lips look younger, smooth, evenly colored, and easier to absorb nutrients.

However, you should exfoliate only once or twice a week to avoid damaging cells and preventing lip regeneration. For girls with sensitive lips, try using immediately available items in the kitchen such as brown sugar, honey, lemon, etc. to perform the lip care step.

Use lip balm

The lip skin has only 3-5 layers, and there is no sebaceous gland, protective tissue, or melanin pigment to prevent it from harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, lip balm is an inseparable thing for women, acting as a cloak to protect the lips from bad external factors.

Lip balm also provides the moisture needed to keep lips soft, supple, and full of vitality. A little advice is that you should choose a lip balm with sun protection to keeps lips healthy and radiant.

If you’ve to use charming, brilliant lipsticks, don’t forget to put a lip balm on to your lips to protect your lips from harmful chemicals.

Drink enough water

Using quality lip products is not enough. Your lips and skin need water. Drinking enough water every day not only gives women fresh skin but also provides the necessary moisture to prevent dry and chapped lips.

We can combine it with eating foods rich in vitamins and fiber such as vegetables and fruits. It will make the lips look soft and plump. Limit drinking alcohol, coffee, or smoking as these are harmful to health and make lip darker.

Do not lick lips

Many women think that licking their lips regularly will help keep their lips from drying out. In fact, saliva contains many enzymes and other compounds that can break down the lip structure and make the lips become dry. Give up this bad habit so that your lips are always beautiful and young.

Here are some tips on choosing lipsticks and how to take care of your lips, especially in your 40s.

Hopefully, our women will choose the right lipstick for their age. Since then, they are becoming more and more attractive to everyone’s eyes! Good luck!