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How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are a valuable weapon to “captivate” the opposite sex for females. There is no woman with bad lips; the only thing is that woman does not know the secret to lip care, how to make older lips look younger.
The lips of women in the age of 40s start reducing puffiness and become less elastic than the age of 30. The lip edges started becoming darker, and there are more lip grooves. The lips of women in the 40s get thinner and have no longer elasticity like when they were young. The absorption of nutrients of special lip products also gets worse.

How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

Detailed instructions on how to choose lipstick for the 40s

Women of this age tend to be “lazy” to use various snobbish things. One of the secrets to choosing the best lipstick for over 40 is to use lipstick with rich lip balm. Liquid lipsticks are no longer suitable, so you should choose solid lipsticks. A little lip gloss in the middle of the lips will create a more plump effect.

The most suitable color for this age may bring a more youthful tone to “cheat” age. Colors such as nude pink, earthy orange, and soft red will help ladies reduce their age. The skin areas at the corners of the mouth may have some crow’s feet, remember to moisturize the skin thoroughly.

Under 40, women also limit the dark makeup as it makes you look older. Simple eyes with just thin eyeliner, mascara, a bit of gentle pink blush will make you look younger.

Take care of lips every day helps lips look younger!

The factors from the outside environment, such as ultraviolet rays, climate, smoke, dust, and winddamaged lips. They create horny layers on the skin that make the lips become dry, even bleeding. Frequent use of lipstick without taking care of the lips properly is also a cause of wrinkled and dark lips. If you want to preserve this precious jewelry of face, keep in mind the tips below!

How to Make Older Lips Look Younger?

Makeup off lips

The lipstick is like a magic stick, and it has the ability to transform a pale face to be a fresh look. However, if you do not remove these beautiful, vibrant lipsticks after a period of time, it will lead to dark, uneven, or cracked lips.

Many people think that just washing lips with water is enough. In fact, lipstick particles, bacteria, dust, and smoke that can’t be seen by the naked eye still remain on the lips. Whether you’re using expensive or natural lip balms, makeup remover is an indispensable basic step.

Another mistake in lip care that girls often make is to use a facial cleanser to remove eye and lip makeup. The lip skin and the skin around the eyes are delicate, which requires you to use a special makeup remover. Ladies, don’t feel afraid to invest in your radiant appearance.

Exfoliate lips

Like facial skin, the lips also regenerate every day. We need to exfoliate lips periodically so that the lips are not rough and cracked. The removal of dead skin flakes that build upon the lips also helps this area become lips look younger, smooth, evenly colored, and easier to absorb nutrients.

However, you should exfoliate only once or twice a week to avoid damaging cells and preventing lip regeneration. For girls with sensitive lips, try using immediately available items in the kitchen such as brown sugar, honey, lemon, etc. to perform the lip care step.

Use lip balm

The lip skin has only 3-5 layers, and there is no sebaceous gland, protective tissue, or melanin pigment to prevent it from harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, lip balm is an inseparable thing for women, acting as a cloak to protect the lips from bad external factors.

Lip balm also provides the moisture needed to keep lips soft, supple, and full of vitality. A little advice is that you should choose a lip balm with sun protection to keeps lips healthy and radiant.

If you’ve to use charming, brilliant lipsticks, don’t forget to put a lip balm on to your lips to protect your lips from harmful chemicals.

Drink enough water

Using quality lip products is not enough. Your lips and skin need water. Drinking enough water every day not only gives women fresh skin but also provides the necessary moisture to prevent dry and chapped lips.

We can combine it with eating foods rich in vitamins and fiber such as vegetables and fruits. It will make the lips look soft and plump. Limit drinking alcohol, coffee, or smoking as these are harmful to health and make lip darker.

Do not lick lips

Many women think that licking their lips regularly will help keep their lips from drying out. In fact, saliva contains many enzymes and other compounds that can break down the lip structure and make the lips become dry. Give up this bad habit so that your lips are always beautiful and young.

Here are some tips on choosing lipsticks and how to take care of your lips, especially in your 40s.

Hopefully, our women will choose the right lipstick for their age. Since then, they are becoming more and more attractive to everyone’s eyes! Good luck!

Is Acne Wash Safe During Pregnancy?

Each person experience different stages in their life and it may be a hike or lower in their health or in personal life. But in reality this fact well suits women that too especially during their pregnancy time. Pregnancy is one of the important and happiest occasions in all women life at the same time women would cross several hard things during their pregnancy time. Acne is one of the major issue experienced by many women in their pregnancy, were this is a usual thing faced by women.

Is Acne Wash Safe During Pregnancy?

However there are some cases where acne would be severe and make you suffer lot. By hearing all these stuff you may think how these acnes cause and what is major secret hidden behind its appearance. The acne is nothing but pimples that caused due to increase of hormone level in the sebaceous gland of skin. This high level hormonal activity results with production of natural oil in the skin that remains a vital source for acne development. Although the pregnancy acne is common one it is really difficult to spot out who will have that. It is mainly because some people have experienced plenty of acne counts that flare during menstrual cycle. But during pregnancy it may get differ you miss out acne in first trimester then obviously you would spot during second and third trimester which has to be break off.

How does skin change during pregnancy

During the pregnancy time your body experience plenty of changes, similarly your skin also experience some changes due to hormonal activity such as acne. But it does not mean that acne is critical one to cure in fact many people would search for solution to get free from these pregnancy acnes. In general during pregnancy time if women had medication there are many chances to harm their baby thus pregnant women are advised to avoid all sort of medication. There arises a doubt with all women whether they can use face wash creams during pregnancy time?  Is acne wash safe for use during pregnancy? All these questions may sound weird but in reality women must be so cautious in acne treatment during pregnancy.

Reasons to avoid acne face wash for pregnancy

Generally, most of the people would tend to use face wash to get free fro from acne but it cannot be done all the time especially during pregnancy time. Many women can wonder why it is not recommended to use face wash during pregnancy. The answer is so simple during pregnancy time the hormonal activities remains to be in higher range that exposed in body as well in skin. At those stages when people make use of face wash there are high chances to affect your fetus too because not all face wash products holds same ingredient. Some face washes have powerful results with its active ingredients which may toxic and harm for you and your fetus.

All these facts make people to think whether acne face washes are harm and should be avoided during pregnancy? Definitely not, women can use acne face wash for pregnancy based on doctor’s advice and their health condition.

What are harmful ingredients for use?

When you look on to acne face wash many products would made of active ingredients to enhance great results. During pregnancy time women should be more careful in choosing best acne face wash for pregnancy by avoiding toxic ingredient made products. Immediately the next thinking would be how to predict the toxic ingredients while choosing acne face wash for pregnancy? It may sound hard task but you can make it easy here are some of toxic ingredients are listed below which you need to avoid during pregnancy time.

  • Retinoid and retinols
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Oral vitamin A products
  • isotretinoin

Thus, all the above listed ingredients are really harm for you and your fetus baby, so during pregnancy it is better to avoid these ingredient made products. If you feel so hectic to finds these stuffs it is better to consult a doctor before using your face .

List of best acne face wash products for pregnancy

Although there are several acne face washes are readily available in and around market not all would suits for pregnancy thus people tends to search for best acne face wash for pregnancy. to ease out your search here are some of acne products that are safe for pregnancy and actively get rid of pimples, dark spots and avoid new pimple arises are listed below.

  • Cetaphil pro oil removing foam wash
  • CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser
  • Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream

Cetaphil pro oil removing foam wash

This acne face wash is a heavy duty cleanser that perfectly suits for cleaning oily skin. The cetaphil cleanser remains as great choice for sensitive skin as it deeply cleans skin in gentle manner. Its foam washes all impurities without leaving any trace marks.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

This face wash is perfect choice for dry skins; it gives a light touch and gentle clean over skin. Along with skin pore dirt clogging it also has ceramides and hyaluronic acid that keeps the face moisturized.

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer

Apart from hormonal changes during pregnancy women can experiences dark spots on face due to sun exposure. This acne face wash cream is a best day cream with SPF and zinc oxide that prevent your skin from harmful UV rays.

Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask

This is best Exfoliating Mask for pregnancy its glycolic acid ingredients greatly works on decreasing bacteria from the skin and remove all dead cell from skin. Moreover this peel mask can be used twice in a week just for 10 minutes, these peel masks are best suitable for all skin type including sensitive skins.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream

This face wash cream is made of oil free, paraben free and non comedogenic that it would not clog skin pores. The gel texture of this face wash cream get absorbed quickly to the skin and retains high level moisture in the skin.

Thus all above mentioned acne face wash are the acne face wash for pregnancy usage without causing any harm to you and your fetus.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Skin?

Among the most fundamental parts of the body is the skin. It is the main covering of our body and therefore, it is the first thing that people see in another individual. It is simply essential and a needs to that each individual ought to take great care of it.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Skin?

Nowadays, the majority of people are attempting to achieve having a perfect skin. There are lots of issues that can take place due to factors that might terrify people. These issues are at first experienced throughout the adolescence phase and if not treated instantly, can be rollovered even in the later years of life. See to know how to take care of your skin.

Because of different kinds of skin tone issues, the introduction of many skin care items is also growing. Nowadays, more and more skin care and improvement items (like whitening soaps and creams) are offered in the market. Natural care items are becoming more and more popular because the majority of people believe that it is more suitable to use natural items than chemically prepared ones.

The presence of many skin issues causes numerous offerings of care items that are provided in the market. These items are for treating your skin’s issues and others for improving it. Many are chemically created, there are still items that come with natural components because many individuals are still looking for items that are natural.

Self-confidence is terribly needed nowadays

That’s why some skin care items have developed advancement solutions, that, when used, provides a preferable result making anybody feel more fearless. Professional skin routines are still among the most followed suggestions in skin care.

There are also particular items that have advancement solutions offering everybody the sense of self-confidence when they use it. There are items for all skin types: dry, oily and even for regular skin that needs improvement. In addition, many programs are presented through advertisements, therefore, paving an extreme desire for everybody to have a healthy, radiant skin. These care items also gain from free ads through word of mouth of pleased customers.

Everybody understands that looking after the skin is vital. Once you neglect it, particularly on your face, you’ll wind up seeing yourself with big pores and many white heads. Skins in other parts of your body, if not provided correct care will display some sort of early aging, which is never an imagine anybody.

Not everybody are blessed with healthy, attractive, and perfect skin. Some may get skin issues that will really provide a lot cause to fret. Skin care items may assist and some may stop working. It is simply a matter of how we stabilize our way of life, our health, and our activities.

The first thing to look after, before anything else and coincidentally the most crucial is to clean your skin before going to sleep. Back home from 6 or 7 hours of knocking on the dance floor, drunk and reeking and smoke, comprise smeared and caked over your face? Do not simply crash-cleanse! If you lose consciousness with your comprise on, you’ll block your pores and mess up whatever, including your life, so attempt a little cleaning. All you need to do is use warm water to clean your face and unblock pores before using a cent sized quantity of cleanser to your bad skin. Rub it in thoroughly and clean away with cool water. Make sure to remove eye makeup with the correct remover, and make certain to pick the ideal cleanser for the ideal skin: milky things for dry skin, while gel solutions work for oily skin.

What else? What else, I hear you scream?

How else can you look after your skin? Exfoliators! That’s right, you need to scrub off all that dead skin, remove it like a snake shedding its old conceal. Why? Because by removing your dead skin, you include new skin to bloom and flower! Plus they unblock pores much more. Man are your pores going to be unclogged. Here’s some recommendations: prevent scratchy grains, and rather try to find exfoliators made with natural fruit enzymes. How typically should you exfoliate? Every day! Simply joking. Attempt one or two times a week.

If you ask anybody how essential skin care is, all of them will say it is really crucial. And there is reality in it. If you will not take excellent care of your skin, you’ll develop some issues on your own, that is, skin issues may exist, and undoubtedly, that is not what you wish to take place.

Everybody may not have a healthy, preferable and model like skin and anybody is vulnerable to skin problems and so forth. One thing is for sure – your skin just responds to the quality of your way of life, the activities you do, and of course, the way you take care of it.

Know How to Choose a Good Facial Cleaner by Using These Steps

Knowing your skin type and type of skin cleanser will help you find a good facial cleaner. We all want a pretty face. A product that smears on our face and works right the first few months. This is not impossible to have. All you need to do is know your skin type and know the type of skin cleanser you need. It might take you some time to figure this out if you do not know. Your parents should know your skin type, but the other one is a little tricky. Knowing the type of skin cleanser you need requires you to do a bit of research. Let us help you with that little bit of research. We want to make your life easier so look below.

What Cleaner Type You Need Depends On Skin Type Mostly

For the most part, finding a skin cleaner that works depends on skin type. Dry skin for instance, requires the person to use a facial cleaner that is free from alcohol. If the alcohol is present in the facial, your face will feel an intense burn. Check for alcohol if you got dry skin. Next, oily skin people need to use foam cleansers. They can not use regular face cleaners. The best men’s face wash for oily skin you buy for oily man must be a foam face cleaner. Foam cleaners work best because they break apart the oil in oily skin surface. Figure out which one you are and you good. If your somewhere int eh middle, then you need to try out both types to what works.

Facial Cleaners for Make Up Helps People Remove Make Up From Face

Some people were make up just about every day and they need a facial cleaner that is designed to remove make up. Make up adds many layers to your face. The layers do not always come off with a simple wash. Chemicals are glued to your face and some do not come off easily. The make up smell you smell after you wash is a sign it is still on your face. Use facial cleaner designed to remove all make up from face. Men who need to remove acting make up should get the best men’s face wash for oily skin. An actor should always look their best for a part. To add more details, facial cleaners with fragrances is highly not recommended according to doctors in the field. Use facial cleaners structured to remove all make up and contain no fragrance smell.

Spend Time Reading Labels On Facial Cleaners to Guide Decision

Don’t be one of those people who miss the label when they buy facial cleaners. Reading the label is very important when you buy a facial cleaner. There are certain chemicals you need to avoid and maybe something extra for people with a certain skin type. Instructions are carefully written on each facial cleaner you buy. Take your time and read it when your in the store. Better yet, take the product to the cashier or beauty department. They will be able to tell you what you need to know. Failure to read the labels, could cause you extreme harm to face or medical bills. One time, I slightly burned my face. I should have read the label that said “might not work for some oily skin people.”

Shave Your Face the Smooth Way

There is a smooth way to shave and it requires you read the instructions. Before, men and women would shave on their own. Passing their knowledge to people who asked and people deemed worthy. But, you are are tired of getting those annoying nicks and irritations by now. You need someone to tell you the steps to make it nice and smooth. A process to be learned so you won’t have to remember it again. Indeed, you have come to the right page and we want to tell you the steps. The steps you only need to learn one time to get a good, smooth, balanced, and appropriate shave.

Prepare Your Face

Before you start shaving with that razor, you need to wake up and wash your face. This is the first step and some men do not do it unfortunately. You, must follow this step to make the shave a smoother experience. Now, go the bathroom sink and turn on the cold water. Why cold water? Cold water tends to loosen the face up and make you more relaxed. The tiny little hairs on that face get softer too. Just do it every morning and do not forget. This little step will make shaving 4 times easier.

Use the Right Shaving Tools for the Job

Shaving requires the right set of tools to be done properly. Make sure you got your shaving gel, razor, mirror, free time, and patience. Shaving gel is something you out on your face before you start shaving. The shaving gel can be the best shaving gel for sensitive skin or not. It is up to you. Using shaving gel for sensitive skin would make your face more softer with the help of cold water. People who have faces that is really sensitive should do everything to make their face soft. Next, a razor is something you need to do the shaving. One can do it with a knife but a razor is better. Bring a mirror into the mix to help you see what you are doing. You don’t want to shave without a mirror. The process would make people think you woke up on the street.

Free time and patience, is the last piece of the delicate process to make your shave the smoothest. In the beginning, your not going to have a complete idea of what you doing. It takes about 3 to 4 tries with any shaving method. After this set time, you should be able to shave your face properly using the methods I taught you. Have patience and do not get discouraged. As long as you got patience and free time, you can handle any shaving problem you face in the mirror. There is nothing to it other then practice and many minutes spent doing it. Don’t over think and just do the shaving procedure.

Check Blades for Discomfort

After some time, you will notice the razor blade not working that well and that indicates you need a replacement. Razor blades tend to stop being useful after 2 days. You can use it longer then two days but it will be less effective. In truth, you are going to need to change that razor every so often. I know you got to save money and stuff. But you can only push that razor so far. Using the best shaving cream for sensitive skin would make the razor last longer. But, your going to need another razor to shave. When you get the money to buy a new razor, go out and buy a new razor to change that rusty one. Buy them in bulk so you won’t have to shop for razors often.

Month Three

Month Three

Ava –

Three months already?! Slow down kid! This month has brought even more joy and happiness to our lives. You are still a baby on the go and are experiencing so much of the world around you. You had yet another sleep over. This time with your Nana, Papaw and cousin Alivia. I think your cheeks were raw because of all the kisses Alivia gave you. She loves you so much already and I know you two will one day have a really special bond.

Also this past month you have developed quite the personality. Your coo’s and smiles aren’t without cries and mean looks. You make sure to let us know when you’re not happy and instantly smile when we cater to your needs. I think you have momma and daddy completely controlled. Each morning you wake us with the biggest toothless grin and little giggles. You are THE happiest baby when you wake up in the morning and it’s the best way for us to start off our day.

We take at least one picture a day of you and it’s always a surprise on how you will pose. When propped up or laying down you make the best faces and poses with your hands. I laugh a lot at what you do because it’s just another facet of that wonderful personality you are developing. Mini diva already!

You have also learned how to start holding your head up. The moment this happened your momma was so proud and shared the photo and video with everyone around her office. A total humble brag moment which made me feel like you were the best baby in the entire world (which you are in my eyes). You’re starting to sit up for a few seconds at a time before you turn into a lumpy potato and fall over. But it’s okay…we are getting there!

Love you always,

Momma and Daddy

Month Three

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Now for the big announcement…the winner.

Giveaway Winner

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Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

We live in a very modest one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. Tipping the scales at just 783 square feet, we have had to adjust with most of the “basics” and to get creative. We don’t have too much storage so we rely on our generous parents to help store some of the holiday decorations and out of season items. When it comes to Spring Cleaning we are both excited because it means time to clean and time to purge. The Beard is an avid cleaner and honestly enjoys a day off where he can clean our apartment. He can give Martha a run for her money!
Now that spring is upon us, we decided to tackle the chore of cleaning and reorganizing our little space. For all of the Spring Cleaning checklists that are out there, I didn’t find much that helped in the way of small spaces. Sure we can all afford to clean our windows, door hardware, oven and defrost the freezer. But what about those of us that need to reorganize our closet and move winter clothes out and summer clothes in? What do we do when there isn’t closet space and clothes need to come out? Or what about that extra bedding we need to switch out since the cold months have passed?
I decided it was the perfect time to get to thinking and come up with my own checklist. Of course there are the yearly routine things to do but then what about the extras? Take a look at some of the ideas I came up with.

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

By far the easiest room in the apartment (it’s also the smallest).  This part of your living space should be the quickest to mark off your list.

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

The dreaded bedroom! This room is one I avoid because it needs non stop attention. While it may not be the most time consuming (the kitchen is in my opinion) it is very detailed. If you’re like us, you have to change out your cold weather bedding for your warm weather bedding. Then it’s time to tackle washing all the bed linens and things, which can take a few hours. After that it’s time to start on the dressers and closets. It really is key to take everything out of your drawers so you get a chance to refold, reorganize and pitch the things you don’t want.

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

My biggest problem – space saving! I don’t move too many clothes to storage but there are more dresses/skirts and lightweight tops that I pull out to be in my direct line of sight. Those extra pieces? I use SPACEBAGS! Seriously, this stuff is genius and the best product for small apartment dwellers like myself. We have extra bedding, winter coats, and heavier winter items stored in these bags under our bed. It tends to only take up half of the under bed space, and we’re left with more space if needed. My second trick – a hope chest in my closet. We got lucky in that our closets were deep enough to fit my hope chest. This guy houses extra bags, pillows, hats, odds and ends and other things that I want to access quicker than opening a SPACEBAG. At the end of the day, what I don’t wear, I donate. There is no use holding on to a sweater that I didn’t wear all summer only to take up more space and then not wear it again next winter.

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

I wish I could leave the kitchen for The Beard. Actually, I don’t think he would mind it. The Kitchen consumes most of your time and stress because there is so much! And think about all the times when you cook, and that mysterious spill occurs and you have no idea where the drips led too. It’s probably a good idea to find out and clean up the mess, even if it is months later. This is another area of the house where we need just a bit more space. Going through our cabinets, cleaning and reorganizing allowed us to reconfigure our stuff and make better use of the space we had.

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces

Finally, the living room! If you’re anything luck us, you spend a lot of time in this room. Not only is it the place where we watch tv, but it’s a make shift office, library, dining room, and sometimes bedroom when we have our littlest friends over for a slumber party. This is the part of the apartment that gathers the most “crap” and needs to be tended too every week. Even with the constant upkeep, it needs a little extra love at the beginning of the spring. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to pull out your couch, vacuum behind it and find out what your cat has been hiding since Christmas. Be smart about how you use and maximize your space. Bins and baskets are a great way to hide the stuff you don’t use everyday but like to have handy (especially video games and dvd’s). Extra magazines lying around? Donate them or recycle them.
I hope this simple guide helps those of you that suffer with small space/square footage issues. Or even for those people that just need a little help in how to clean your space this spring. You never know what you’ll find when you’re cleaning out drawers and old purses…

Spring Cleaning Small Spaces