The Lady and The Beard

Stalk Us

When I made changes to the blog, I never really pointed out the different ways to find, follow and stalk us out. Maybe you’re clever and stalk our page enough and figured out where and what we are up to.
For a little slice of our life we are in many different locations on the fabulous internetz doing many different things
Facebook for daily posts, pictures and updates when we have them.
Pinterest because everyone likes to get Pinterest crazy. Thank you Wedding planning…
Tumblr for all the quirky fun things that I can’t share on the blog all the time.
Twitter for when I have the occasional funny moment.
Instagram for tons of food and cat pictures and the random pics of me in an adult onesie.
Bloglovin‘ if you want to follow us on a daily basis and because Google reader is going bye-bye.
RSS Feed because I think is still useful and I think I set it up correctly. I think…